Automatic Valves 115 (Globe) / 1115 (Angle)
Automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a constant lower
outlet pressure regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet
pressure. Refer to ACV 115-7 for dead-end systems and/or systems
using high demand, on-off equipment.

Adjustment range:
Standard: 20-175 psig
Optional: 0-30 psig
100-300 psig
(stainless steel control)
Remote sense: ACV 115-1

Valve size one size smaller than line.
Points to consider: –
– See Engineering Data - Pressure Reducing Sizing
– Check maximum and minimum flow
– Check pressure drop - pressure reducing valves or cavitation chart
– If valve size required is smaller than line size, consider ACV 6115
Consult Watts ACV representative/factory

Flow Direction Shown: Under the Seat
Optional ‘R’ Flow Over the Seat: 115R/1115R

– Reduce higher inlet pressure to constant lower outlet pressure (adjustable)
1. Main Valve
2. Pressure Reducing Control
3. Fixed Office
4. Adj. Opening Speed (3” and Smaller)
ACCESSORIES             X - Isolation Cocks
Located as indicated     Y -Y - Strainer
Included as marked       P - Position Indicator
                                     FC - Flo-Clean Strainer
                                     L - Limit Switch
                                     ACS - Adj. Opening Speed