Tubing, Polyethylene
  Instrument Grade Polyethylene Tubing (E) is extruded from high molecular weight resin for increased dimensional stability, uniformity and long-term streng. Its resistance to environmental stress cracking greatly exceeds that measured by ASTM D-1693. This tubing is chemical resistant, flexible and low cost. Black tubing contains an ultra-violet inhibitor which is recommended for use in sunlit areas. Natural & color tubing (except black) meet FDA requirement for food contact appplications

Flame Resistant Tubing (FRPE) is manufactured from a distinctively formulated compound which meets the UL94 V-2 flame classification and also meets the flame spread, fuel contribution and smoke density requirements of the ASTM E84-81a tunnel test. Used where protection against intermittent flame and hot sparks is necessary.

Instrument Grade Tubing:
• -80°F to 150°F (-62°C to 66°C)
• Recommend using brass fittings
ª Colors available: black, natural, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purpleFlame Resistant Tubing:
• -85°F to 150°F (-65°C to 66°C)
• Color available: black