Tubing, Nylon
  Flexible Nylon Tubing (N) is made from high-grade, abrasion-resistant, heat-and-light-stabilized nylon. Resistance to stress-cracking greatly exceeds that of ordinary nylon tubing. Extremely low level water absorption. This tubing has the additional benefits of better flexibility, lighter weight and resistance to flexural fatigue.

Semi-rigid High Strength Tubing (NR) offers better chemical resistance than flexible tubing, with good resistance to high ambient temperature and low moisture absorption. NR has a high tensile strength which will give excellent coupling retention in high pressure, temperature & vibration environments. Used for machine tool lubricating systems, marine control systems, process lines for chemicals and oil.

Flexible Tubing:
• 65°F to 200°F (-54°C to 93°C) continuous
• Colors available: natural, black (recommended for use outdoors and in sunlit areas)
•Recommend using brass fittingsSemi-rigid High Strength Tubing:
-60°F to 200°F (-51°C to 93°C)