Fittings, Prestolok/Prestolok II Compact
  Prestolok / Prestolok II Fittings are ready-to-use compact one-piece fitting for use with thermoplastic and copper tubing. This fitting is specially designed for low pressure circuits where fast assembly, disassembly and reassembly is important. No special tools are needed for assembly; just insert the tubing until it bottoms. Prestolok / Prestolok II is designed to be used with no tube support.

Radial claws on the stainless steel grab ring grips the tubing securely to provide retention
Swivels are featured on all male pipe threaded shapes for installation in tight places and for precise positioning
Prestolok/Prestolok II should not be used for live swivel applications

Use with Parker Parflex Series "E" polyethylene tubing, Series "N" nylon tubing, Series "U" polyurethane tubing or copper tubing.

Temperature Ranges:
• Prestolok: Zero to 200°F up to 300 PSI depending on tubing being used
• Prestolok II: Zero to 150°F up to 150 PSI depending on tubing being used