Fittings, Microlok Miniature
  Microlok fittings are ready-to-use miniature one piece fittings for use with most thermoplastic and soft copper tubing. This fitting was designed to meet the needs of the motion control industry where fast assembly, disassembly and reassembly is important.
• Designed to be used without a tube support to provide full flow through the tubing
• The collet design grips the tubing securely to provide tubing retention
• Fitting comes in externally threaded hex and round straight fitting body styles and in a range of shaped configurations
• Positional external pipe threaded ends are featured on shapes for installation in compact areas and for precise positioning
ª Microlok should not be used for live swivel applications

• Temperature Ranges 32° to 150°F
• Pressure Range up to 150 PSI depending on tubing being used