Fittings, Compact Brass "P"
  The “P” Fitting is a compact brass compression fitting designed to speed any installation. Body, nut and sleeve are furnished preassembled, ready for installation. An exclusive acetal copolymer sleeve holds plastic tubing where it belongs.
• P Fitting sleeves have superior resilience to resist creeping and stress caused from compression
The black acetal copolymer sleeve resists ultra-violet ray attack
• P Fitting nuts will rotate around the sleeve as it tightens to prevent twisting and weakening of the plastic tubing
• P Fittings can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly

Use with Parker or other High-quality thermoplastic tubing for pneumatic instrumentation circuits, lubricant and coolant lines, and applications with other gases and liquids.
When used with soft metal tubing or nylon thermoplastic tubing, use brass sleeve and nut assembly 61PB.

Pressure & Temperature Ranges -
• Up to 150 PSI from 0° to 150°F with thermoplastic tubing
• Up to 300 PSI from 0° to 175°F with soft metal tubing