Sprint Series Air Control 3 & 4-Way Subbase/Manifold
  Plug-In and Direct Pipe Port Type:
• Plug-In subbase and manifold mountings, simplify installation and reduce down time
• Optional Solenoid Conduit Connection models available
• High flow (Nominal Cv = 1.5)
• Fast response
• 1/4 or 3/8 Inch NPT ports
• Large 1-1/4 Inch Wireway on manifolds
• Versatile, compact modular 5-Port design
• Epoxy Encapsulated Coils (Class ‘B’ rated) are designed for low power consumption and maximum life, even under continuous duty service
• Indicator lights are standard on 120VAC models, optional on 24VDC models
• Locking Manual Overrides are Standard. Non-Locking Manual Overrides are Optional.
• Field Convertible to external pilot supply for low pressure, vacuum or dual pressure service
• Remote Air Pilot Operators
• Suitable for Lubricated or Non-Lubricated Service
• Synthetic Rubber O-Ring Seals are specially compounded for minimum compression and friction for excellent wear and abrasion resistance
• Precision Ground Pre-Lubed Spool “floats” on O-ring seals, closed center crossover design saves air
• Accessories such as “sandwich” flow controls, port isolators and blank station covers are available