XR Rack and Pinion w/ 6 to 236 lb-in @ 100 psi
• Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi
• Output torque at 100 psi: 6 to 236 lb-in
• Standard rotations: 90°, 100°, 180°, 190°, 270°, 280°, 360°, 370°
• Maximum breakaway pressure: XR05 10 psi XR07 7 psi XR10, 15, 20 5 psi
• Zero internal and external leakage
• Mounting orientation: unrestricted Timing: keyway located at 12:00 position at midstroke of actuator.
• Operating temperature: Standard seals 0 to 180°F Viton seals 0 to 250°F
• Filtration requirement: 40 micron filtered, dry air
• ONE PIECE EXTRUDED ALUMINUM HOUSING - CLEAN, COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT The one piece extruded aluminum body is hard-coat anodized and permanently sealed for maximum seal life and superior aesthetics. The low profile body provides high torque output in a compact, lightweight package.
• HARDENED RACK AND PINION Both the rack and pinion are carborized and tempered providing superior wear resistance and long life. Additionally, the gear chamber is prelubricated with a PTFE ® filled grease to offer maximum durability.
• LOW FRICTION BALL BEARINGS The shaft and pinion assembly is supported by precision ball bearings providing high load carrying capacity, long life, and low friction.
• ANTI-BACKLASH OPTION A unique preload configuration provides zero backlash by preloading the rack into the pinion. Backlash is eliminated throughout the rotation.
• BUILT-IN SHOCK ABSORBER OPTION Built-in shock absorbers dissipate energy and eliminate the need for cumbersome external brackets. This simplified mounting saves space and cost.
• ELECTRICAL POSITION SWITCHES Hall Effect and reed switches are available. A magnet groove is standard on all pistons allowing field conversion to position sensing switches.