P5G Series Angular Grippers
  The Parker P5G Series angular grippers provide 30° or 180° angular gripping motion. These globally available grippers are compact, precise and reliable. Designed specifically for factory automation service, this rugged, lightweight gripper has many important features:
• High grip force to weight ratio
• Spring return option allows for single acting operation, saving on components
• Stroke adjust option on either end for adjustable and precise jaw location
• Mounting holes for rear or side mounting are standard allowing mounting alternatives
• Operating Pressure Range: 0.3 to 7 Bar (4 to 100 psi)
• Operating Characteristics: double acting, single acting
• Mounting orientation: unrestricted
• Working ports: M5
• Operating temperature range: Standard Seals -20° to 82°C (-4° to 180°F); Fluorocarbon Seals -20° to 121°C (-4° to 250°F)
• Filtration Requirement: 40 micron filtered, dry air