Servo Pressure Regulators - Type 3211/3221
  The Type 3211 single loop and 3221 double loop controllers offer non-bleeding solenoid valve technology with an integral flow booster that produces forward flows equivalent to standard industrial electronic regulators or I/P converters. The 3211/3221 offers analog monitoring of the output pressure by a 0-10 VDC signal, plus logic monitor output of the solenoid valves. Many output pressures are available up to 150 psi. A built in air volume booster provides for a forward flow of up to 19 SCFM and a reverse flow (exhaust) of up to 7 SCFM. The double loop (3221) option permits 0-10 VDC feedback from a remote sensor.

Applications include; Machine Automotive, Robotics Control, Web Tension Control, Tire Manufacturing & Testing, Torque Control, Molding & Forming Operations, and Paint Spray.