Servo Pressure Regulators - Type 3210/3220
  The Type 3210 single loop and 3220 double loop electro-pneumatic servo pressure controllers incorporate two solenoid valves and an internal pressure sensor for increased sensitivity and accuracy. With current or voltage signal inputs, the Type 3210/3220 controls an output pressure with an accuracy of ± .5% or better full scale. A wide range of output pressures available, from 29" Hg vacuum to 600 psig. With a flow of 1.25 SCFM at 100 psi, the 3210/3220 can be used alone or in conjunction with a volume booster to achieve flow rates in excess of 2,000 SCFM. Optional output monitor signals are available. The double loop (3220) option permits 0-10 VDC feedback from a remote sensor.

Applications include; Semiconductor, Robotics Controller, Machine Automation, Tire Manufacturing & Testing, Molding & Forming Operations and a wide variety of industrial applications.