Servo Pressure Regulators - Type 3111
  The 3111 electro-pneumatic servo pressure controller is an economical version of the 3110. At only 2Ó by 2.8Ó the 3111 electro-pneumatic servo pressure controller is the most compact card-mounted unit in the Marsh Bellofram product line. Field Selectable Inputs are 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 0-15 VDC, or 0-20 mA. A 0-5 VDC monitor signal is standard. A temperature compensated pressure sensor in the manifold block provides accuracy to ± 0.5% or better, full scale. Many output ranges are available, from 29Ó Hg vacuum to 150 psig. Two manifold blocks are available; one has front ports and can be mounted directly to a panel, or it can be inserted into a DIN rail adapter tray. The second manifold block has ports on the bottom and can be mounted on a multi-unit manifold system.

Applications include; Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Applications, Instrumentation, Medical, Vent Hood Control and Damper Control.