/P & E/P Transducers - Type 2000
  The Type 2000 Transducer is an electro-pneumatic device that converts an analog electrical signal into a directly proportional output pressure. To operate, the unit requires a source of compressed air and an analog electrical control signal. The secret to the Type 2000's precise, reliable performance under a variety of demanding environmental conditions is a patent pending piezo-ceramic beam actuator. The Type 2000 has been designed to meet the electro-pneumatic control needs of the world with many features including; field-selectable inputs: direct-reverse-split ranging, and multiple input/output configurations. Versatile mounting with precise reliable performance under extreme conditions of temperature, vibration, orientation, supply pressure changes, supply voltage changes, RFI/EMI, humid / oil-laden media, and corrosive surroundings.

The Type 2000's precisely regulated pneumatic output can be used to operate; Valve actuators, Louver & Damper Actuators, Valve Positioners, Air Relays, Clutch & Brake Controllers, and Air Cylinders.