/P & E/P Transducers - Type 1500
  The Type 1500 Transducer is an electro-pneumatic device that converts an analog electrical signal into a directly proportional output pressure. To operate, the unit requires a source of compressed air and an analog electrical control signal. It provides precision electro-pneumatic control to actuators, valves, positioners, final control elements and is ideally used for high-flow control devices. The T-1500's compact size and accessibility to ports and adjustments allow the unit to be installed in small, space-constraint locations or in a manifold for multi-device control. The Type 1500 is also available in a zero-based slightly taller unit giving an even wider range of applications.

The T-1500 transducer can be used as an electro-pneumatic control device to operate: Valve actuators, Valve positioners, HVAC systems, Material handling systems, Paper handling controls, Automation systems, and Liquid or gas processing systems.

The Type 1500 is available with or without approvals including; FM Intrinsically Safe, CSA Approved, CENELEC, CE, NEMA 4X depending on customer requirements and economy.