/P & E/P Transducers - Type 1001
  The Type 1001 Transducer is an electro-pneumatic device that converts an analog electrical signal into a directly proportional output pressure. To operate, the unit requires a source of compressed air and an analog electrical control signal. This design incorporates closed loop sensing of the output pressure to achieve excellent accuracy and vibration stability. It also features a unique damping circuit, which can be adjusted to prevent overshoot and actuator "hunting." Model selection includes General Purpose (NEMA 1), Rainproof (NEMA 3R), and Watertight/Corrosion Resistant (NEMA 4X). NEMA 4X models are also explosion-proof, and all models are intrinsically safe.

Features of the Type 1001 include; 0.1% accuracy typical, closed loop pressure feedback control, built-in volume booster, easy access zero and span adjustments, low air consumption, output pressures up to 120 psig, virtually no sensitivity to supply pressure changes, and a removable orifice for easy maintenance.

The Type 1001's precisely regulated pneumatic output can be used to operate; Valve actuators, Louver & Damper Actuators, Valve Positioners, Air Relays, Clutch & Brake Controllers, and Air cylinders