Servo Pressure Regulators - Type 3510/3520 Digital
  The Type 3510 single and 3520 double loop electro-pneumatic servo pressure controllers combine the advantages of reliable solenoid valves and digital control. Available with a local keypad programming option or RS-485 Digital Communications for PLC or PC control. The digital pressure controller is one of the most precise, accurate, and reliable devices available in the industry today, by giving the user the ability to set and extract data directly from the transducer with a PC or automation system. With a forward flow of 1.25 SCFM at 100 psi, the 3510/3520 can be used alone for many applications or combined with a volume booster for flows in excess of 2,000 SCFM. Many output ranges are available, from 29" Hg vacuum to 600 psig. Standard accuracy is ±0.5% FS or better. Enhanced accuracy version is ±0.25% FS or better. A four digit display of the output pressure is available with the keypad model.

Applications include; Gripper Control, Welding Operations, Actuator Control, Machinery Automation, Precision Robotics, Tire Production & Testing, Web Tension, Semiconductor Equipment, and Molding & Forming Operations.