/P & E/P Transducers - Type 1000
  The Type 1000 Transducer is an electro-pneumatic device that converts an analog electrical signal into a directly proportional output pressure. To operate, the unit requires a source of compressed air and an analog electrical control signal. It uses a supply pressure between 18 and 100 psi. Analog electrical control signals can be either current 4-20mA (I/P) or voltage 0-10VDC (E/P). An integral pneumatic volume booster is included in the design to provide high flow capacity of up to 12 SCFM. The Type 1000 is also available in and extended range model giving a high flow capacity of up to 24 SCFM at output pressure ranges up to 145 psi.

Applications for the Type 1000 include; Valve actuators, Damper and Louver Actuators, Valve Positioners, Air Relays, Air Cylinders, and Clutch & Brake Controllers.