Proportional Control Valves
  Typical Applications:

Proportional Control Valves are controlled by electronic control boards, and are commonly called electro-hydraulics.  Electro-hydraulic controls are especially useful in situations where system speed must be tightly controlled, or where ramping up and down is needed to avoid sudden starts or stops.  Electro-hydraulics also provide precise control in applications where hydraulic pressure must be built up steadily.

Continental Hydraulics electro-hydraulic valves and components are used in a wide variety of applications including horse walkers, conveyor systems in bakeries and brick plants, man lifts, variable force stamping machines, marine and wire-guided steering systems, hydraulic sharks in movies, and radiator pressure test systems..

Directional Control Valve

Fast Response
Flows to 150 gpm
Standard Mountings – NFPA and ISO Standard or Line Mount
LVDT for Closed Loop Applications
1% Hysteresis with LVDT