Precision - Type 41
  The Type 41 regulators are designed for applications requiring high flow capacity, low droop, high accuracy, and fine adjustment sensitivity. The use of Bellofram's pre-convoluted rolling diaphragm provides greater sensitivity and improved accuracy from a constant effective area. In addition, Type 41 regulators offer reduced over-all size and new mounting options, providing direct interchangeability with more expensive units available in the industry.

Ruggedly designed and constructed, the Type 41 regulators have housings of precision-cast aluminum. They are pressure tested, and are chromate treated for corrosion resistance. Every regulator is finished with vinyl paint which resists scratching, weathering and other physical abuse.

Careful design and quality materials throughout assure long, trouble-free operation in the most difficult industrial environments. A rubberized, soft-seat valve stem provides stability and "forgives" dirt and other foreign matter. An aspirator maintains downstream pressure and compensates for droop when high flow occurs. The gauge port is convenient for gauge installation and can also be used as an additional full flow outlet. The design of these regulators is especially well suited to panel applications due to ease of mounting, small size, adjustment sensitivity, and standard knob. The Type 41 comes in two versions, Type 41-1 and Type 41-2. These two regulators offer the same performance in two slightly different mounting packages