Precision - Type 10
  There is no other self-contained pressure regulator in the entire world, which can match the regulation accuracy and the repeatability of the Bellofram Type 10 pressure regulator. It is for use where the utmost precision is required. The regulator is actually a pressure controller using a servo-balanced system in which the main valve is operated by a pilot valve and is dependant on a stainless steel measuring capsule for its incredible accuracy. Originally developed for sensitive aircraft altimeters, this precision sensing element provides the energy to activate the servo-control mechanism. It provides greater regulation accuracy and eliminates the problems usually encountered with range springs and conventional diaphragms. The entire measuring element, including the pilot valve, is fabricated from stainless steel which has been carefully heat treated to eliminate hysteresis or permanent deformation under all working conditions.

The Bellofram Type 10 regulators output pressure with an accuracy of 0.1%, and has very low sensitivity to changes in supply pressure and flow. Designed to eliminate the need for any readjustment of the regulated pressure after long "down time." At start-up, the regulated pressure will return to its output setting. The regulated pressure is held constant over substantial changes in flow due to the high-gain pneumatic servo amplifier and is particularly good from dead end to 12 SCFM. An integral relief valve provides for exhaust flow whenever the regulated pressure is reset to a lower value. The exceptionally large capacity of this relief valve assures immediate response when the downstream regulated pressure must be reduced under dead-end conditions. Pressure stability is achieved by a high performance servo-operated control mechanism utilized in the regulator and the pressure supplied to the pneumatic servo amplifier is reduced and held constant.

Applications for the Type 10 Pressure Regulator include; Gas Mixing, Valve Operators, Gate Actuators, Positioner Signal, Air Hoists, Calibration Stands, Disc and Shoe Air Brakes, Force Balance Hoists, Air Gauging, Clamp Units, Web Tensioning, Press Units, Roll Loading, and Cylinder Loading

Motorized Type 10
The Type 10 is also offered coupled with a bi-directional motor for electronic pressure control. This combination is particularly attractive because it offers low power requirements (2 rpm/4 watts; 6 rpm/6 watts) with extremely high accuracy.

The motorized Type 10 pressure regulator can be used for any application where electric control of a pneumatic system is desired. It is often used for remote pressure control and for ventilation systems. It can also be easily integrated into open or closed loop process control systems and may be used with programmable controllers