SS Series 4-Way, 2-Position Inline Valve
• A Shur-Shift Chamber, with internal pilot supply, delivers positive shifting even during line fluctuations.
• Molded comb-o-seals gives you all the advantages of multiple o-ring sealing with a single gasket.
• The encapsulated Class B coil is a low wattage, quick disconnect type, available in a range of AC and DC voltages.
• Packed spool construction means reduced wear and increased life.
• Inline models are field convertible from single pressure to dual pressure.
• Two mounting styles are available to choose from: Inline base (SS Series) or manifold (SSX or SSW Series), the Add-A-Fold system.
• Manifold bases come with extra large junction boxes.
• All styles can be ordered for either solenoid or air pilot operation.