PS1E Series
• Full flow capacity allows direct operation of small cylinders (single or double acting) or pneumatic piloting of larger control valves (pneumatic or hydraulic)
• Valve configurations in 3/2 or 4/2 (single or double acting).
• Outlet fittings (push-in) for 5/32" or 1/4" tubing
• Wide range of voltages available
• Multiple pressures possible in one assembly
• System modification or expansion simplified by easily adding modules to stack.

• Modules snap together and mount on 35mm (DIN) rail
• Micro-valve stack and PLC may be mounted in the same enclosure
• Common air supply, exhaust, and electrical supply reduce connections to 1 wire and 1 tube per module
• Supply and exhaust air can be piped with only one tube for each.
• Fast hook-up with captive wire clamp connections and push-in fittings.
• Compatible pneumo-electric module provides integrated feedback capability for the PLC.
• Eliminates cumbersome electrical connections on machine mounted solenoid valves