ISOMAX Subbase Valves 5599-1
  This ISOMAX Ceramic Subbase Valve offers three Sizes DX1, DX2 and DX3. Valve range includes pneumatic and electrical actuation with a wide choice of subbases and manifolds to suit different application needs.

• Subbase Mounted Valves Conforming to ISO Standard 5599/1
• Port Size: DX1 - 1/4"; DX2 - 3/8"; DX3 - 1/2";
• High Flow: DX1 Cv 1.15; DX2 Cv 2.50; DX3 Cv 4.15
• Air or Solenoid Operation Using CNOMO Solenoids
• Can Be Vacuum Operated

• All ISOMAX Products use High-Tech Ceramic Switching Technology
• Excellent Reliability
• High Performance
• Stable Long Lasting Performance - Low friction switching
• Valves fitted with switchable selector to give internal or external pilot supply