B3 Valve 3 & 4-Way, ( .75 Cv)
• B3 - .75 Cv; 1/8", 1/4" ports
• Operating pressure: Vacuum to 145 PSIG
• Solenoids: 1.2 watt, 15mm 3-Pin (DIN 43650C)

• Parker's exclusive Wear Compensation System for maximum performance, less wear, long cycle life, non-lube service and bi-directional spool seals
• Low watt solenoid reduces power supply demand
• Continuous Duty Rated - Solenoid can be energized for extended period of time
• Flush overrides standard; Extended override option
• Female electrical connectors
• Mounting: Inline, IEM stackable base, IEM aluminum bar, Subbase aluminum bar, Individual subbase
• Approved for CE Marking; CSA NRTL-C