PTR Rack and Pinion w/ 39 to 2250 lb-in @ 100 psi
• Maximum operating pressure: 250 psi
• Output torque @ 100 psi: 39 lb-in to 2280 lb-in
• 5 bore sizes from 1" to 3-1/4"
• Standard rotations: 90°, 180°, 270°, 360°, 450°
• Maximum breakaway pressure: 5 psi
• Zero internal and external leakage
• Mounting orientation: unrestricted
• Timing: keyway located at 12:00 position at midstroke of actuator
• Operating temperature range: Standard seals 0 to 180°F Viton seals 0 to 300°F
• Filtration requirement: 40 micron filtered, dry air Features WEAR-TECH € PISTON AND SEALS Floating pistons supported by filled PTFE wear bands eliminate metal-to-metal contact and ensure long life. Durable low friction lipseals provide abrasion resistance and guarantee low breakaway pressure. CHROME ALLOY STEEL PINION AND RACK The rugged, high strength gear train ensures long, dependable life with minimal wear and provides maximum shock resistance. LOW FRICTION BALL BEARINGS Maximum actuator efficiency and life is obtained by the high capacity ball bearings, which are permanently sealed for maintenance-free operation. INTEGRAL AIR/OIL OPTION For very precise speed control of a pneumatic rotator, integral air/oil units provide a self-contained, completely sealed unit which eliminates slipping, jerking, and bouncing. No external reservoirs are required. BUILT-IN SHOCK ABSORBER OPTION Built-in shock absorbers dissipate energy and eliminate the need for cumbersome external brackets. This saves space, cost, and simplifies mounting. ELECTRICAL POSITION SENSORS Proximity switches, Hall Effect, and reed switches are available. A magnet groove is standard on all pistons, allowing field conversion to position sensing switches.