Push-Button, Two Hand Control (Pre-Assembled)
  PXP-C111 Pre-Assembled Two Hand Control Enclosure provides an air signal to be used as an enabling pilot in applications where both hands must be kept out of a dangerous work area. The worker is protected with the following features:
•  An output signal (S) will only appear if the two integral push buttons are pressed nearly simultaneously (within 1/2 second of each other).
• If only one push button is pressed or if both push buttons are pressed but at an interval of more than 1/2 second, no output signal (S) will be allowed.
• The output signal (S) is regenerated by supply (P). Output (S) will, therefore, disappear if the supply (P) is cut off.
• Output signal (S) will disappear if either of the integral push buttons is released.
• If the output signal (S) is lost for any reason, both push buttons must again be pressed nearly simultaneously before the output signal (S) can be reacquired.
• Since the output signal (S) is regenerated, it appears sharply at full force (snap-acting) and is quickly exhausted upon deactivation.
• The operation of this Pre-Assembled Two Hand Control Enclosure is not affected by either the length or diameter of the output tubing.

The PXPC111 unit conforms to the European Standard EN 574 - September 1996 and is recognized as a safety component for machinery or installations requiring CE Approval. Few domestically manufactured devices of this kind carry this approval, required for any equipment exported to Europe.