Colorflow Needle Valves
  Series N

General Description
These valves provide excellent speed control and shutoff for hydraulic and pneumatic applications where a reverse-flow check valve is not required. They also take minimum space for installation and conserving space.

The two-step needle valve allows fine tuning at low flow with the first three turns of the adjusting knob, with full-open flow plus conventional precision throttling with the final three turns of the knob.

• Exclusive "Colorflow" color bands permit fast, accurate setting and time-saving return to a previous setting.
• Available in brass and steel. Brass types suitable for both air and oil applications.

Series 6N (Metric)

• Meets ISO 6149 Standards
• Hard Metric Dimensions
• Reliable Leak-Free Performance - Straight thread port with o-ring sealing
• Global Interchangeability