XLB Series Precision Linear Base Slides
• Maximum operating pressure: 100 psi air
• Operating characteristics: double acting standard (single acting available)
• Four support rod sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"
• Stroke tolerance: ± 1/16"
• Mounting: unrestricted
• Operating temperature range (cylinder): Standard seals 0 to 165°F Viton seals* 0 to 250°F
• Filtration requirement: 40 micron filtered, dry air
• ALIGNMENT COUPLER - A low profile alignment coupler* allows the piston rod to self-center. This increases cylinder life especially when the support rods deflect under load.
• T-SLOT EXTRUDED ALUMINUM HOUSING - The anodized aluminum body incorporates square nut "T" slots. These slots allow maximum mounting flexibility for tooling changes. Optional dowel pin holes are available.
• LIGHTWEIGHT BODY - The extruded aluminum housing's efficient design provides a substantial weight reduction. Lower weight allows for less inertia in applications requiring body movement. Consequently, higher cycle speeds and greater productivity can be attained.
• LINEAR BALL OR PTFE COMPOSITE BUSHINGS - Low friction, recirculating linear ball bushings provide high precision and speed. PTFE composite bushings are available for high impact loads, washdown, and very contaminated environments.
• ELECTRICAL POSITION SENSORS - Proximity sensors, Hall Effect and reed switches are available. Magnets are standard on all cylinders.