Flow Control Valve, Right Angle Miniature FCM Series
  Miniature right angle flow controls provide meter out control of exhaust air from an air cylinder while providing full flow in the reverse direction. The 10-32 male thread can be used to mount directly to cylinder ports.
• Adjustment screw is captive and discourages tampering
• Compact flow control saves space and reduces the number of fittings involved in making the connection
• Plumbing can be oriented 360° about the cylinder port

• Inlet Ports: 5-32 or 1/4" instant tube fittings
• Maximum Operating Pressure: 145 PSIG (10 bar, 1000 kPa) max
• Temperature Range: 0°F to 140°F (-18°C to 60°C)
• Body: Polyamide
• Mounting Thread: Brass