Monnaire Modulars™ by Monnier
  Monnaire Modulars™ were created to meet the demands of today’s air preparation market by maximizing flow, reducing weight and minimizing price. This new series of modular filters, regulators and lubricators compliments the over 3,000 standard products in the Monnier catalog and the thousands of custom units designed annually.   

Each component is engineered to connect easily without the use of inserts and special tools. Standard button-head screws are used to join components. Combined with the new modular design ensures that Monnaire Modulars™ offer optimum stability and strength.  

Components are available as preassembled modular FRL assemblies or in an unlimited combinations of filters, regulators, lubricators and accessories. Each component is available with 3 bowl options polycarbonate with guard (standard), metal bowl or with the CircleView bowl, allowing fluid to be viewed 360 degrees around the bowl. Each bowl is available with automatic, flexible or manual drain options.   

A manual shut off with a deep slide design is now available conforming to OSHA requirements. The off position relieves downstream pressure to all components allowing for service or repair.

O-ring bowl

Integral mounting hole

Bayonet bowl guards

Face plates for units

One filter housing for particulate/coalescer

Units individually threaded

Recessed gauge port

Shut-off valve easy to lock

Diverter block

Simple manifold connections

O-ring held captive

Mounts without brackets

Quick on/off bowls

Unique identity: customer logo

Less inventory: field change

Each unit can stand alone

Can use mini gauge flush mount

Trade lock easy to install

Regulator mounts any direction

Build any configuration

Works right every time

Vendor does not make bracket

Faster turns in maintenance

Parts business for OEM’s

Faster response possible

Adapts to any application

Low profile prevents breakage

Prevents accidental start up

Flexible assembly

Eliminates frustration