Miniature - Type 91 Subminiature
  The Type 91 Subminiature Regulator is a compact, high precision, low-cost unit which operates in pressure ranges up to 100 psi , with a maximum supply pressure of 250 psi. It provides dependable reliability and accuracy. The unit was designed with a corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum body and bonnet with a viton diaphragm standard.

The Type 91 low bleed version is designed for applications where air consumption is an issue. A slotted adjustment screw is available for precision control.

The Type 91 is ideal for applications where space is limited and for dead ended/low flow service. such applications include ink control on printing presses, panel loading applications, hand-held analyzers and calibration equipment, small cylinder operations, and all types of instrumentation applications. It can be through panel mounted or, due to its light weight, pipe mounted.