Miniature Fog Lubricators (L181-L182)
1 oz. polycarbonate bowl.
Optional metal bowl.
Visible drip rate.
Easy to refill.
Fine adjustment screw.
Requires only .1 cfm of air flow to operate.
Automatically adjusts oil mist delivery with air flow variations.

add suffix to part number in alpha order
M Metal bowl 1812M

WARNING! Polycarbonate plastic bowls could rupture if exposed to incompatible chemicals whether inside or outside the bowl. If such chemicals are present, use a metal bowl.

Polycarbonate Bowl
  Max. pressure 150 psi
  Operating temperature range 40°F to 125°F
Metal Bowl
  Max. pressure 250 psi.
  Operating temperature range 40°F to 175°F.
Recommended Oil
  SAE 10 oil or lighter
  Atomized average 2 micron
 .1 scfm to establish drip rate
Bowl Kits
  Polycarbonate  (BK1811)
  Metal  (BK1811M)
  Repair kit  (RK1812)
  Sight kit  (SG1812)