10F Miniature Coalescing Filters
  The 10F Miniature Coalescing Filter is designed to remove 99.9% + of the liquid aerosols, both water and oil, and submicron particulate matter from your pneumatic system. These filters will provide oil free air for applications such as spray painting, air gauging, pneumatic instrumentation, printing, and packaging.

• Removes Liquid Aerosols & Sub-Micron Particles
• Liquid Gravitate to the Bottom of the Element & Will Not Re-Enter the Airstream
• Interchangeable Twist & Automatic Pulse Drain

• Port Size: 1/8" = 17 SCFM*
• Port Size: 1/4" = 20 SCFM*

* SCFM = Standard cubic feet per minute at 90 PSIG inlet and 5 PSIG pressure drop.