40 Series Lubricating Valves
The Kingston "40" Series Sight Feed Lubricators are of bronze construction, designed for durability. The long taper needle stem provides easy, accurate adjustment of the lubrication rate. The "Sight Tube" allows wide angle viewing of feed rate and is easily removed for cleaning.

Inlet and outlet connections are National Pipe Thread.

The Standard style is equipped with a Buna - N packing ring which assures a tight adjusting steam seal and provides resistance to the effects of vibration on the feed rate setting.

Available in l/8" male inlet, l/8" female outlet, pressure or gravity feed.
Fig 45A - Angle pattern, pressure feed.
Fig45B - Vertical pattern, pressure feed.
Fig45F - Vertical pattern, gravity feed.
Fig45G - Angle pattern, gravity feed.
The Full Flow style lubricator, available in gravity feed only, has the following added features.
1. "Locked Open" or "Momentary" Full Flow with automatic return to the previously adjusted flow rate.
2. Feed control adjustment is vibration proof.
Available sizes:
Fig. 46G 1/8"F inlet x 1/8"F outlet
Fig.47G 1/4"F inlet x 1/4"F outlet
Fig.48G 1/8"M inlet x 1/8"F outlet
Fig.49G 1/4"M inlet x 1/8"F outlet
Maximum inlet pressure, 125 PSIG.
Maximum outlet pressure on pressure feed applications, 30PSIG.
Sight Tube material, Acrylic.
The end use of Kingston products is the sole responsibility of the user