Ergonomic Low Stress Air Valve Light-Touch

Reduce The Effects Of Repetitive Motion
Many machine operators are required to operate air powered equipment hundreds or thousands of times per day. These types of routines can result in repetitive motion disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The debilitating effects usually result in increasing worker compensation claims and declining employee productivity.

Ergonomically designed to respond to extremely weak actuation forces, Mead’s low stress valve will perform at the mere “brushing” of your finger. This valve will dramatically reduce the demands on your workers’ hands, wrists and arms. Requiring as little as 6 ounces of force to initiate a signal, operators experience little or no wrist flex.

Mounting Options
The Low Stress Series allows you to choose between three distinct mounting options. Mounting holes are located in the valve body for standards side mounting. For foot bracket or panel mounting, be sure to specify the proper model number, listed below.

Low Stress Two-Hand Control
To provide safer operation of assembly equipment and other machinery use the LTV Low Stress valves with the CSV-107 two-hand control unit. When used as directed, this unit demands concurrent actuation from two remote inputs before a signal can be initiated. Further, the release of one or both inputs immediately stops the output signal. The unit cannot recycle until both valves are again simultaneously actuated. The CSV-107 requires no electrical connections.