Burner Valves
  The Kingston Burner Valves are designed for use with LP-gas, where a controllable flame is required for burning weeds, brush or other spot burning or heating applications. Constructed of heavy cast and bar-stock brass, precision machined for smooth operation. Each valve is equipped with a squeeze type control lever, Buna-N seals, and needle valve for pilot control.
The. 314-2-1, l/4, female inlet and separate l/4" pilot and main burner outlets. Main port on the top, pilot port on the bottom. Wire lock ring to hold valve in open position, for ease of  peration.

The. 314F-2-1, Same as the The. 314-2-1, but supplied less the pilot mixing port.

The. 315A-1-1, l/8. female pipe thread inlet and outlet. Long curved brass lever, as pictured, is standard. A short 3" brass lever is available on request.

The. 318-2-1, 114, female inlet, 118" pilot outlet and 3/8" main burner outlet. Valve is designed to install the i/8" pilot tube inside the 3/8" main burner tube.