Air/Hoist Control Valves - Model 302 & 303
  The Kingston Hoist Control valves are designed to operate various lifting devices utilizing compressed air (or oil) as a power source. The valve body is of heavy cast brass construction with internal components of precision machined brass bar stock, stainless steel springs, stainless steel inlet screen and Buna-N-Seals to provide long life with minimum maintenance. These valves are widely used on automobile, truck hoists and spring loaded single acting cylinders. Each valve is individually tested after assembly. Maximum operating pressure, 200 PSIG.

If the application calls for the pressure source (air or oil) to be disconnected while the lifting device is in use, a check valve must be installed on the valve inlet to prevent reverse flow. Should reverse flow occur, serious injury may result when support for the load is reduced.

The. 303 valve is more compact, but air volume has not been sacrificed. Positive air control is achieved by the cam action of the "dead man" style lever.

The. 302 is the same design as the Fig. 303 with exception of the "locking" style lever.