Air/Hoist Control Valves - Model 295 & 301AC
  The KINGSTON l/4" N.P.T. Air Control Valves have a wide variety of applications. They are essentially pneumatic control valves for operating single acting cylinders, rams, lifts, etc.

Valve construction is of brass with stainless steel springs and Buna-N seals. Maximum operating pressure 200 PSIG. All parts subject to wear can be easily and inexpensively replaced when necessary.

Valves are designed to operate with pressure maintained to the inlet port at all times. We recommend a check valve be installed on the control valve inlet as a precaution against inlet pressure loss or load surge on the hoist or cylinder port. Such surge or pressure increase could result in equipment malfunction and/or personal injury. Please refer to Bulletins 110 and 1 1 1 covering KINGSTON check valves for selection of the appropriate valve. Please contact the factory for additional information.

The 301 AC valve is equipped with a "dead man" control lever that is normally in neutral or "off" position. Air control is achieved by moving lever to inlet or exhaust stems.

The 295 control valve is designed to provide a greater degree of flow control by using a cam type lever in addition to a two-stage inlet valve stem. By moving the lever part way toward the inlet side, the inner stem opens, allowing a restricted, but controllable airflow. By moving the lever further, the rocker arm engages the main inlet stem, giving controllable flow to full open If the two-stage stem is required for the exhaust side also, specify "two-stage two sides".