Integrated Hydraulic Circuit Manifolds to Match Your Fluid Power Needs
  Why Integrated Hydraulic Circuits?
Integrated hydraulic circuits help you save 30-70% in labor and material costs by eliminating inter-valve piping. You get a consistent circuit every time. Integrated hydraulic circuits reduce the number of leak-points in a system. And because there is less plumbing, system size can be reduced by half or more.
Integrated hydraulic circuits are especially useful in mobile and off-highway applications such as lift truck, lumber harvesters, agricultural implements, and aircraft ground support vehicles. They are also useful in conveyor equipment, machine tools, and machine feeder/extractor applications. Specify integrated hydraulic circuits whenever you need to save space, reduce assembly time, or avoid leakage in a hydraulic system.
Designing and Producing Your Integrated Hydraulic Circuit
Integrated hydraulic systems are generally designed for one specific application. Our Engineering Department can produce a circuit from your rough schematic, from your flow and pressure requirements, or from completed machine drawings.
Continental Hydraulics can supply integrated circuit manifolds to include Sun hydraulic cartridges, or we can accommodate other valve manufacturers such as Hydraforce, Delta, Deltrol, Compact Controls, Modular Controls and others.
Our CAD/CAM system takes the design directly from computer to high-speed CNC machining centers. Set ups are fast. Multi-part designs are no problem. We can easily produce variants on a design, to give you even more flexibility.