Directional Control Valves
  Typical Applications:

Ideal for machine tools, production and material handling equipment, marine auxiliary power controls, off-highway and heavy construction equipment, oil field and farm equipment.
Up to 12 spool options assures that Directional Control Valves exactly match your application. Low pressure drops reduce heat loss, and increase efficiency. Compact design fits readily in tight spaces, and allows for clean installations.

Directional Control Valve

Sub-plate or manifold mount in D03, D05, D08, and D10 configurations. Conforms to NFPA and ANSI/ISO Standards. O-rings included
Up to 175 gpm
Pressures: Up to 4600 psi
Seals: Viton seals standard
Actuator Types: Solenoid, Air, Cam, Lever, and Oil actuation available
Fluids: Petroleum-base, most phosphate esters, water-based fluids (not more than 40% water) and water glycol

1. Sealed Wet Armature Solenoids
Provide maximum protection against moisture, corrosion and dirt.
2. Operator Protection
High temperature elements are isolated from direct contact.
3. Dynamic Push-Pin Seal Eliminated
Up to 50% greater shifting forces than with dynamic sealing.
4. Static O-Ring Design
Eliminates external leakage, guards against contamination. No seals to wear out and cause premature valve failure
5. Interchangeable Spools
Provide easy field maintenance. No need to change valve body when changing spools.
6. Below Center Mounting Bolt Position
Bolt heads are below spool centerline to reduce body distortion which leads to sticking spools.
7. Two-Wire Lead
50/60 Hz code standard for increased application flexibility.
8. Premium Bore Honing
Extra-precise bore honing and spool grinding results in less cross port leakage, less wasted energy than more common v-groove designs.
9. Spool U-Groove Machining
More tolerant of contaminants than v-groove designs. Significantly reduces spool hang-up and resulting loss of production.