TRAC-TROL Shock Absorber Package
  Available on TRAC-TROL Models 10, 15, 25, 32 and 40.
The internal cushions, standard on all GREENCO cylinders, are an affective method to decelerate loads, and minimize harmful shock loading at the end of each stroke.

In very high speed applications, cushions may be overloaded and shock absorbers are necessary.

The GREENCO External Shock Absorber Package is a highly effective way to minimize shock loading in a wide variety of applications. Additional, the package utilizes (2) two fully adjustable, mechanical stops to vary stroke length as may be required by the application.

SHOCK PACKAGE CONSISTS OF: 2-shock absorbers, 2-shock mounting blocks, 2-stop collars, 2-locknuts, and 2-adjustable stops.

IMPORTANT - some applications may exceed shock design limits and could require a special orifice or non-standard shock absorber. Consult Factory.