Standard Integral Filter/Regulators (B752 - B754)
• 40 micron element
• Manual drain
• Relieving regulator
• Zero creep, machined brass valve seat
• 3-position, non-rising adjustment knob
• Tamper-proof cap included

add suffix to part number in alpha and numeric order
F  Internal float drain  (B752F)
G  Gauge  (B752G)
H  High pressure  (B752H)  0 to 250 psi adjustment
I  Instrument pressure  (B752I)  0 to 20 psi adjustment
J  Overnight drain plastic bowl   (B752J)
K  Overnight drain metal bowl   (B752KM)
L   Low pressure  (B752L)  0 to 60 psi adjustment
M  6 oz. metal bowl without sight  (B752M)
P  Panel mount  (B752P)
T  Tee handle adjustment  (B752T)
W  6 oz. metal bowl with sight  (B752W)
-5  5 micron element  (B752-5)
-3  3 micron element  (B752-3)

WARNING! Polycarbonate plastic bowls could rupture if exposed to incompatible chemicals whether inside or outside the bowl. If such chemicals are present, use a metal bowl.

Body: Die cast aluminum
Bonnet: Glass filled nylon
Seals: Buna N Elastomer standard
Polycarbonate Bowl: Max. pressure 150 psi,  Operating temperature range 40°F to 125°F
Metal Bowl: Zinc, black epoxy coated,  Max. pressure 250 psi,  Operating temperature range 40°F to 200°F
Metal Bowl with Sight Gauge: Max. pressure 250 psi,  Operating temperature range 40°F to 175°F
Internal Float Drain: plastic, metal, brass, Buna N seal
Note: limits bowl temperature and pressure rating

  Internal float drain   (5200)
Bowl Kits: Polycarbonate  (BKF35), Metal  (BKF45M), Metal with sight  (BKF45W)
Element Kits: 40 micron 2-pack  (EK35),  5 micron 2-pack  (EK35-5),  3 micron absolute 2-pack  (EK35-3)
Diaphragm Kits: Relieving  (DK35)
Mounting Kits: Mounting bracket  (RBK5),  Panel mount nut  (PKR35)