Arrowick Lubricators (4106-4112LCM)
Simple, trouble free design. It cannot be over-filled, and has greater bowl capacity which extends interval between filling.
Can be used downstream of 4 way valves because it accommodates reverse flow.
Bowl fills all the way to the top.
It can be filled under pressure no need to shut down air.
Tamper-proof internal adjustment.
Porous bronze oil metering diffuser introduces smallest possible oil particles to the air.
No small orifices to clog and stop oil delivery.
Automatically maintains air-oil ratio regardless of variations in air flow.

add suffix to part number in alpha order
W    metal bowl with sight glass  (4108W)

Body: Aluminum
Metal Bowl: Steel, black coated,  Max. pressure 250 psig,  Operating temperature range 40°F to 200°F
Recommended Oil: SAE 10 oil or lighter,  30 scfm to establish drip rate
Droplet Size: 3 micron or less

Bowl Kits: 29 oz. metal  (BK4106M),  29 oz. metal with sight  (BK4106W),  2 qt. metal with sight  (BK4106LCM)
Repair Kits: For 4106, 4106LCM, 4108 and 4108LCM  (RK4106),  For 4112 and 4112LCM  (RK4112),  Sight kit  (WK35)
Applications: Single point,  Flow can be reversed