General Purpose - Type 51SSFR Stainless Steel Filter
  The Type 51SSFR filter-regulator is designed for service with a wide variety of corrosive materials and environments. Special construction features include 316 stainless steel for the housing and filter assemblies, with Flourocarbon elastomers used for the control diaphragm and the supply valve. These corrosion resistant materials are compatible with sour gas and for use in off-shore environments. Typical application include petrochemical processing, chemical plants, food processing and paper/pulp mills.

This ruggedly built filter-regulator operates in output pressure ranges up to 150 psi with a maximum supply pressure of 250 psi. The Type 51SSFR regulator's filter assembly has a built-in dripwell, which traps water, oil and other contaminants. The contaminants are easily flushed out of the dripwell via a convenient manual drain valve. The standard 40-48 Micron Filter is constructed of sintered 316 stainless steel, and is easily removable and replaced.

The filter-regulator complies with NACE material requirement #MR-01-75 for sulfide stress cracking resistant metallic material for oil field equipment.