General Purpose - Type 51FR & Type 51AFR Series
  The Bellofram Type 51FR General Purpose Air Filter-Regulator series offers a high-performance combination filter dripwell regulator in a compact, low cost package. It operates in output pressure ranges up to 100 psi, with a maximum supply pressure of 250 psi. The unit was designed to be especially rugged and corrosion-resistant with no brass parts used. Materials of construction include die-cast aluminum for the body and dripwell, glass-reinforced thermoplastic polyester for the bonnet, acetal resin for the internals, BUNA-N for the diaphragm, gaskets and O-ring, fluorocarbon for the pintle seat, and aluminum for the drain valve (plated steel handle).

The Type 51AFR provides all of the features and performance of the 51FR with the added benefit of an automatic drain valve, which automatically flushes out contaminants from the unit. The dripwell traps water, oil and other contaminants, which are easily flushed out with the convenient drain valve. The standard 40 micron filter is easy to remove for cleaning or replacement.

This versatile regulator provides excellent regulation over a wide range of applications, including pneumatic instruments, controllers, chucks, and actuators. It can be through-panel mounted with the supplied mounting nut, bracket-mounted with the optional bracket or, due to its light weight, mounted by its ports.