Standard Series 3 Arrowfog Lubricators (L352-L354)
  Aluminum Housing.
  Oil delivery at low air flow approximately 2 scfm.
  Lubricator may be filled without shutting down air line.
  3-position non-rising adjustment knob; push to lock, pull to adjust, detach for tamper resistant.
  Can be converted on-line to Ultrafog lubricator with interchangeable module Part # RKL452.

  add suffix to part number in alpha order
  M 6 oz. black coated metal bowl  (L354M)
  W 6 oz. black coated metal bowl with sight  (L354W)

WARNING! Polycarbonate plastic bowls could rupture if exposed to incompatible chemicals whether inside or outside the bowl. If such chemicals are present, use a metal bowl.
Body: Aluminum
Polycarbonate Bowl with Bowl Guard: Max. pressure 150 psig.  Operating temperature range 40°F to 120°F.
Metal Bowl: Zinc, black coated.  Max. pressure 250 psig.  Operating temperature range 40°F to 120°F.
Metal Bowl with Sight: Zinc, black coated. Max. pressure range 250 psig. Operating temperature range 40°F to 160°F.
Recommended Oil: SAE 10 oil or lighter.  Atomized average 2 micron.
Bowl Kits: Polycarbonate  (BKL35)  Metal bowl without sight  (BKL45M)  Metal bowl with sight  (BKL45W)
Repair Kits: For L350  (RKL352)  Dome kit  (AK35)  Fill plug kit  (FK35)
Mounting Kit: Mounting kit  (FBK5)
Applications: Air tools,  Air motors,  Single point lubrication