PL50 Multi-Point Injection Lubricators
  Individual Points of Lubrication
The PL50 Multi-Point Injection Lubricators use an air pilot signal to provide positive displacement lubrication to either single or multiple points ensuring the predetermined amount of oil is delivered to each point per cycle regardless of pressure or flow.

• Oil injector module provides adjustable oil delivery in amounts up to 1 drop per cycle
• Visible oil delivery indicators are available
• Cycle Counter, 4 Position - Optional
With use of an adjustable cycle counter, the lubricator can be set to dispense at four different settings
-- Off - No oil dispensed
-- 1 - Every cycle of the application
-- 5 - Every fifth cycle of the application
-- 10 - Every tenth cycle of the application
• Pulse Generator - Optional
For long cycle time applications the pulse generator makes the lubricator dispense a pre-determined amount of oil multiple times during a single cycle