High Flow Regulator - up to 950 SCFM
Pipe Size Model# Max. Flow Weight
1" R398 600 scfm 3.4 lbs
1-1/4" R3910 800 scfm 3.3 lbs
1-1/2" R3912 900 scfm 3.2 lbs
Micro finished brass seat to ensure no reduced pressure creep.
Minimal pressure droop due to efficient aspiration.
Relieving style standard.
High scfm flow due to efficient aspiration.

add suffix to part number in alpha order 
G    Gauge (0-160 psi)  (R398G)
H    High pressure 0-200 psi adjustment  (R398H)
L    Low pressure 0-60 psi adjustment  (R398L)
N    Non-relieving   (R398N)
P    Panel Mount   (R398P)

Body: Die Cast Aluminum,  Bonnet: Die Cast Aluminum,  Seals: Buna N,  Seat: Brass

Performance Characteristics:
Supply Pressure: 300 psig
Operating Pressure Range: 0-125 psig
Operating Temperature Range: 40°F to 120°F
Gauge Ports: 1/4" full flow

Repair Kits:
Piston Kit relieving   (DK39), Piston Kit non-relieving  (DK39N), Valve Kit  (VK39)
Spring Kit (0-125 psi)  (SK39), Spring Kit (0-60 psi)  (SK39L), Spring Kit (0-200 psi)  (SK39H)
Spring Cage Kit  (SC39)

Mounting Kits:
Bracket Kit  (RBK39)
Panel Mounting Kit, ring only  (PKR35)     Panel hole size 1-3/16"
Panel Mount Bracket and ring  (PMKR39)