L50 In-Line Injection Lubricators
  Dependable Oil Delivery
The L50 In-Line Injection Lubricators provide positive oil displacement lubrication ensuring the predetermined amount of oil is delivered to the tool each & every cycle regardless of pressure or flow.

• Air Flow Sensor - the unit is designed to sense air flow when the tool is being used and signal the oil injector module to lubricate
• Oil injector module provides adjustable oil delivery in amounts up to 1 drop per cycle
• Visible oil delivery indicators are available
• Cycle Counter, 4 Position - Optional
With use of an adjustable cycle counter, the lubricator can be set to dispense at four different settings:
-- Off - No oil dispensed
-- 1 - Every cycle of the application
-- 5 - Every fifth cycle of the application
-- 10 - Every tenth cycle of the application
• Pulse Generator - Optional
For long cycle time applications the pulse generator makes the lubricator dispense a pre-determined amount of oil multiple times during a single cycle