MidFlow Regulators (R373 - R378)
Micro finished brass seat to ensure no reduced pressure creep
Reinforce diaphragm for repeated accuracy
Minimal pressure droop due to efficient aspiration
Three position non-rising adjustment knob; push to lock, pull to adjust, detach to make tamper resistant
Relieving style standard
Easily panel mounted
Tamper-proof cap included
High scfm flow due to efficient aspiration

add suffix to part number in alpha order
G    Gauge (0-160 psi)  (R373G)
H    High pressure  (R373H)  0 to 250 psi adjustment
I     Instrument pressure  (R373I)  0 to 20 psi adjustment
L    Low pressure  (R373L)  0 to 60 psi adjustment
N    Non-relieving  (R373N)
P    Panel mount  (R373P)
Q    Panel mount 9/16" bonnet  (R373Q)
T    Tee handle adjustment  (R373T)

Body - Die cast aluminun, Bonnet - Glass filled nylon, Seals - Buna N Elastomer standard, Seat - Brass
Supply Pressure - 250 psig
Operating Pressure Range - 0 to 125 psig, Operating Temperature Range - 40°F to 120°F, Gauge Port - 1/4" full flow

 Repair Kits
  Diaphragm kit relieving  (DK35), Diaphragm kit Non-relieving  (DK35N), Valve kit  (VK37)
Mounting Kits
  Bracket kit  (RBK5)
  Panel mounting kit ring only panel hole size 13/16"  (PKR35)
  Panel mount bracket and ring  (PMKR35)